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At Finden Auto, all dealers and brokers are pre-screened to ensure safe transactions and accurate advertised prices.

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Our robust system allows you to narrow down your search to specifically find the car you’re looking for.

Get a Better Deal

Finden Auto will help you compare and contrast vehicles from different dealers in your area, to help you pick the one that works for you.

Buyers has been designed to help users find the best deals when it comes to buying or leasing a new car. Our mission is to provide accurate and honest pricing advertised straight from the source itself. At we understand that car shopping can be difficult at times with so much time spent looking for the right deal, that is why we have designed the site to be more informative to consumers by helping locate the right car for the right price.


Get in direct contact with car shoppers by providing special monthly offers. At Finden Auto we believe that car shopping should be a fun and easy experience for both buyers and dealers. We have designed a straight forward website that is one of its kind to provide valuable information to shoppers from the comfort of their home.

"After all my years of leasing cars I did not know different dealerships have different offers on the same car. "

John R.

Pasadena, CA

"After going from dealers to auto brokers and still not happy with the prices, finden auto showed me an auto broker right next to my house I never knew about and got my beautiful 2017 Acura ILX at the right price. "

Samantha T.

Los Angeles, CA

"Finally a website that I don't have to enter any of my information just to see offers on leases."

Marc B.

Culver City, CA

"Looking for a car has never been so simple and fast, Kudos to Finden Auto."

Robert R.

Van Nuys, CA

"What a lifesaver!! Using Finden Auto was so easy to use and saved me having to drive from dealer to dealer."

Andre N.

Los Angeles, CA

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